Friday Sept 20

Friday Sept 20
Posted on 09/20/2019
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Welcome to the 2019-20 school year at the Crossroads Middle Schools!!! 

Ongoing and upcoming PTO events:

  • Membership/ ApparelLocker Shelves Drive. Please visit the link for the forms.
  • Online apparel sale starts until September 16th and offers variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Please visit this link for details.
  • Please sign up today to support our Stop n Shop A Plus Rewards program. 
  • Mark your calendars for PTO's first public meeting at 7 pm on October 16th at Crossroads South Library.  

We look forward to your support. Best wishes for a wonderful start to this new school year!!!

Crossroads Middle Schools PTO Board

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District Friday Folder

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The Crossroads Facebook and Twitter accounts provide glimpses of students' learning and activities during/after the school day. By sharing information and photos online, we are strengthening the partnership between home and school.

Visit "Crossroads Middle School - SBSD" on Facebook. 

Our Twitter handle is @SBSDXRDS.

Over the course of the year, it's possible a given student might be seen a handful of times in photos or perhaps not at all... but we hope you will ALL give your consent. This allows every family to follow Crossroads social media and enjoy the images if they wish to do so. 

Need to change the setting on your account? Please log into Genesis. Go to "Student Data" and "Forms". Choose "Media and Web Non-Consent Forms" and select "I Agree" for the second question.