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Student Council Dance Survey

Chicken Dance

Dear Parents/Guardians,

"Early adolescence brings new social opportunities and changes in friendships. It's a time when parents begin to 'let go' a little and give their children more independence. There should be a balance between freedom and limits, however."* In recognizing this change in our adolescents, Crossroads dances provide a time for students to enjoy their independence. To provide a most effective balance, we have devised a plan for our Crossroads dances beginning with the first dance. Please share this information with your child. Thank you for your cooperation.


All 7th & 8th Grade Student Council dances will be held at Crossroads South Middle School. Students must bring their school ID cards for admittance to the dance. Student Council dances begin at 7:00 PM and end at 9:30 PM. We are asking that all students be dropped off no sooner than 6:45 PM at either the auditorium doors or at the back lot E-hall door near the cafeteria. Any students arriving late must be accompanied by an adult who should walk them into the admittance area. Crossroads teachers will be stationed at both entrances to facilitate the start of the dance. It is at this drop-off time that we ask you to confirm with your child where in the building you will be meeting them at 9:30 PM.

For the safety of your children, no student will be allowed to leave the building without adult supervision. At the conclusion of the dance students will proceed to either the cafeteria or the auditorium based on their school.

Crossroads North Students

Meeting Place: AUDITORIUM

(use front entrance)

Crossroads South Students

Meeting Place: CAFETERIA

(use rear entrance)

Please meet your child at the appropriate location and escort them to your car. If a student is carpooling with a friend, they should go with their friend to meet their ride. Crossroads teachers will be stationed at the front and rear entrances as well as in the cafeteria and auditorium to facilitate an efficient and safe departure from the dance. In the event that you must pick up your child before 9:30 PM, you are required to come inside to the admittance area, and a teacher will release your child to you at that time. No children will be allowed to leave early without a parent/guardian escort. We do not feel it is appropriate for children to walk home from a dance at night. Please have a ride waiting for your child at 9:30 PM, even if you live close to school. The Student Council dances are for Crossroads 7th and 8th grade students ONLY. There will be 2 - 6th grade only dance events as listed below. Please note time differences. No guests will be allowed to attend the dance.


*Lions Club International & Quest International. The Surprising Years: Understanding Your Changing Adolescent. 1988